1)    Neurology FMH

You can find a survey of the formation in Switzerland on the homepage herewhere you can find our Flyer.

Precise information is available here:

German: http://www.fmh.ch/files/pdf19/neurologie_version_internet_d.pdf

French: http://www.fmh.ch/files/pdf19/neurologie_version_internet_f.pdf



2)    Neurophysiology

What are the neurophysiological Certificates you can obtain in Switzerland and what are the requirements?

There are three neurophysiological certificates (EEG, ENMG and Cerebrovascular Ultrasound). The association responsible for those is the SGKN/SSNC (www.sgkn.ch). On the homepage you can find all the requirements for the certificates. For all of them you have to pass the exam, which takes place once a year in autumn. In general the requirements apart from passing the exams are the following:

-        EEG: rotation of 6 months, 800 EEGs

-        ENMG: rotation of 6 months, 500 ENMGs

-        Cerebrovascular Ultrasound: rotation of 6 months, 500 Ultrasounds

You can find the detailed regulations on the SGKN Homepage here


Which hospitals offer the neurophysiological rotation?

Except for the neurological centers (A-clinics) there are other hospitals which offer a neurophysiological rotation. You can find a list on the FMH-Homepage here


3)    SNS Academy

What is «The Academy» which is obligatory for the FMH title? Where does it take place? And how many days are obligatory for the FMH title?

What everybody calls «The Academy» is officially the SNS Swiss Academy for Young Neurologists (not to be confused with the SAYN, the Swiss Association of Young Neurologists). It takes place once a year for three days. Places are switching every year. You can get more information on our homepage here.
You can take part as many days as you want per year, but consider that you must have visited 6 days in total for the FMH title.


4)    Congresses

How many days of congresses are mandatory for the FMH title ? What are the congresses I can visit ?

You have to visit at least three national or international congresses with the minimum time participation being 2 days for each congress. Every September there is the SNS Annual Meeting (every third year together with the other Neurosciences as the SFCNS Congress), which is guided by the SNG. At the moment there are no further regulations on behalf of the visits of congresses.


5)    Swiss Neurological Departments

What are the neurological departments in Switzerland?

You can find a detailed list here. Right now, there are 9 A-clinics consisting of the hospitals in Aarau, Basel, Berne, Geneva, Lausanne, Lugano, Luzern, St. Gallen and Zurich, where you can do all the 4 years of neurological residency. The list of all the centers can be found here

6)    Exchange Platform

What is the Exchange Platform and where can I find it?

The Exchange Platform can be found here and offers a possibility to bring Young Neurologists together which would like to gather experience in other neurological departments in Switzerland. If the search of two residents matches one can go on to take care of the administrative things. Do not hesitate to contact your local SAYN representative if you need help regarding the preparation of the exchange and the communication with the heads of department. The Platform is only accessible for SAYN members.



If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact your local representative (who can be found here) or us – or if you are a SAYN member you can pose your question in SAYNapse (our SAYN discussion forum).