SAYeNce Travel Grants

This is the call for the first SAYeNce Travel Grants. The grants will be awarded in mid-February (submission deadline February 7th 2020). So, you are welcome to apply for that grant and send the documents via email to

Below you can find the regulations:


SAYeNce travel grant for young Neurologists


The Swiss Association of Young Neurologists (SAYN) aims to support scientifically active members with the SAYeNce travel grant. The grant shall enable the awarded SAYN members to attend a specific conference by covering costs up to CHF 600.



  • The call to apply for the SAYeNce grant will generally be published on the SAYN website. Only SAYN members are entitled to apply.
  • The call will consist of three grants, each worth up to CHF 600. The grants will be awarded in mid-February.
  • Submission subject is limited to neurological and neuroscientist topics. Applicants should have an abstract submitted at a specific conference. The grant/refunding can only be provided if the abstract is or will be accepted (if not yet accepted at the date of grant application).
  • The grant will only cover congress participation fees, accommodation throughout the conference, and travel costs to and from the conference. Invoices (and a proof of abstract acceptance if not submitted before) must be submitted to, and the corresponding amount will be refunded afterwards.
  • Primarily, conferences in Switzerland, will be supported, but also conferences abroad can be considered. Only applications for conferences following the awarding date can be considered.
  • The SAYeNce grant can only be awarded once but unsuccessful applicants are allowed to apply again to future calls. However, the abstract must substantially differ from prior applications.
  • The SAYN Board compiles the ‘SAYeNce travel grant committee’ which consists of two senior SNS members and two SAYN core group members. The committee will review and award the applications.
  • SAYeNce travel grant awardees will be noticed by email.


Application material:

  • Cover letter (incl. motivation), max. two pages.
  • Abstract which shall be or was submitted to the corresponding conference.
  • CV and list of publications (if there are any)


  • A short summary containing three Hot Topics/Talks of the conference has to be submitted to within the month following the conference for publication on the SAYN website.